Danielle & Jansen | Lancaster County Park Engagement

After both of us having a crazy season of weddings, Danielle going as a guest and me photographing, we were finally able to get together on a beautiful evening.  The sun was setting and the park was beautiful.  Watching the two, it was great to see the love and laughter between the two of them.  They are high school sweethearts, but their relationship and love has grown so much.  Without words, the two spoke to one another and it was amazing to watch!

I had Danielle in World History, we don’t need to discuss how long ago that was, but it is amazing to see the amazing adult and mother she has become.  After several years, these two high school sweethearts are finally tying the knot.  I can’t wait to see their amazing day next June, it will be a day full of love and laughter!