Zach & Hannah | A Walk Through the Woods Engagement

After a phone call I just knew Hannah was going to be so sweet and so much fun to work with. Heading up to Texter Mountain I was a little nervous hearing some hunters in the distance, we even got to see a few, but the location was perfect to see all the connection between her and Zach. I couldn’t help but laugh and be a little embarrassed, when I ask Zach to whisper something in Hannah’s ear to make her laugh, he had to let me in on the joke, his name was Zach and I had been calling him Dan for the last 20 minutes. My ability to embarrass myself has to be legendary.

But listening to the two finish each others sentences and they smiled, and they smiled with their whole face with the sparkle in their eye made me so excited for their wedding. Their engagement was a perfect representation of them. Leaving one other their favorite places, Javateas, Hannah turned around to the man of her dreams asking to spend the rest of her life with him. I love hearing engagement stories but as Hannah and Zach each gave a little part of their story it was amazing to watch the love between the two of them.

Thank you for a fun walk in the woods!