What to say…

IMG_0724Hi!  I am Jamie. I am a mama, a wife, a teacher, and a photographer based out of Lancaster County, PA.  I am a small boutique studio that loves to capture all the fun and wonderful moments that life has to offer.  Had someone told me that I was going to have so much fun capturing all the craziness of a wedding or the sass of a toddler, I would have laughed and said not me, but that is exactly what I am doing and I love it.



Some of my favorite things (not in any sort of order)

  • the warm snuggles of my children when they crawl into bed
  • Caramel Lattes from Dunkin Donuts
  • Walking on the fallen leaves in the park
  • My old All Star Chucks (I have been told I need a shoe intervention)1656193_10200677394017684_1570713037_n
  • My sweet, crazy family – my rock in my husband, my sweet pea who is creative and has the sweetest soul, and my imp who is passionate about everything she does (including screaming)
  • A great book
  • Black and white photos – they look into the soul
  • Watching my husband play with our girls
  • Sunsets
  • FOOD!  anything that is bad for me, especially a thick juicy burger

And to explain a little bit more about JWC.