Cindi & Mark | Lancaster Engagement

A few months ago I was trying to decide if I wanted to do this whole photography thing – meaning to see if I could get more clients than just word or mouth and to see where things would go.  I absolutely love meeting people and being part of the moments that create their story, so I tried “Thumbtack”.  Well after spending way too much money and only have $25 left to make bids, an email appeared that was asking for only a few pictures for “save the date” / engagement and was only $5, well hot damn I had to try.  And after a few emails back and forth I was excited to meet Cindi.

Within seconds of me telling them to be comfortable with each other, I just knew it!  Just like anyone who sees these two, you just know that they belong with one another.  In the short amount of time we spent together in very chilly temperatures (they were great sports) I got to hear their story.  They knew each other as teenagers and as life sometimes happens they took their own paths but they came back together and they get a second chance at love.  And I am not clear on all their details before now, but here they are loving and laughing.  I am thankful that I get to show just a little bit of their story.  I hope that your wedding is everything you hope, best wishes for a life full of love and laughter!