Love, Laughter and Ever After | Zach and Megan

Zach and Megan are college sweethearts that took the big leap of faith and love into a lifetime commitment surrounded by their family and friends. From the moment I met Megan I was struck by her sweet smile and her wonderful giggle, both can only be enhanced by the adoring glances by Zach, the two of them are the type of people that you are thankful that they are in your life. Both being teachers (Megan does kindergarten – a.k.a hearing squirrels – and Zach is a tech ed teacher) I loved chatting with them and watching all the emotions of the day.

After all the planning, and gathering of pallets to make a killer backdrop for their reception, the day final came. The sun was shinning and the stain glass windows were beautiful as the light decorated the church pews. It may have been the hottest day of the summer and we were all thankful for the cool air conditioning, but it did not stop anyone from seeing the love that these two share. The first look by both Megan’s parents brought tears of joy from the entire room (I am not crying, you are crying). The ceremony began with amazing organ music, and the smile on Zach’s face when he saw Megan was priceless. The rest of the ceremony was sweet with a braiding ceremony followed by fun and laughter at the reception. Watching Zach sing their wedding song to Megan is something that I will never forget, not sure I can even find the right words. The night ended with a sparkler send off. It was a perfect day full of love, laughter, family and friends, and ever after.

Zach and Megan – Thank you from the bottom of my heart the wonderful opportunity to capture all the emotions of such an amazing day. I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter! Enjoy some of my favorites