Cheyenne & Ed | Love and a walk in the woods

What can I say, I have seen these two through the awkward high school stage, becoming Prom King and Queen to becoming adults. It is amazing to see them grow into wonderful fun adults and to see their love grow. Meeting up at Nolde Forrest I laughed and was enchanted by Cheyenne and Ed as they talked about their future.

Cheyenne had planned outfits and the use of pumpkins, listening to her giggle as she got to stand on a pumpkin so she could finally be as tall Ed made me giggle as well. The background of the amazing stone bridge and the mansion at Nolde Forrest were perfect for these two. Cheyenne and Ed made this session one of my favorites, thank you for being so awesome and just being you. I can’t wait for your wedding next September, it is going to be amazing for sure!